Special trees

Special trees

Inspiration from the USA Several study tours to USA have inspired us to produce other types of form cut Christmas trees. Americans prefer their Christmas tree to look like a Disney tree. This idea is slowly spreading into many European countries.

The work with the trees We are in a process with experiments with many different types of Christmas trees. Our focus is on the living conditions of the trees in the Danish climate. Problems with late spring frost, willingness to produce a new leader. We trim all the trees manually, some of them several times during the growing season. We deliver all the special trees felled, with a ball of roots, or in a pot.






The different types of Christmas trees

Douglas (Pseudotsúga Menziésii):
This tree comes from western North America and come in several different types. We offer green and blue Douglas Christmas trees. The tenability is to be compared with that of the Nordmann fir, and it has a nice fruity fragrance.

Laciocarpa (Abies Lasiocarpa):
These trees origin from the mountains in Yukon, British Columbia. They have a beautiful bluish, almost silvery color. They also enjoy a long tenability.

Fraseris/Frazer Fir (Abies Fraseri):
In Eastern USA, we find this tree, which has a natural slim shape. Needles are deep dark green with a faint scent of turpentine. The tenacity is good.