handling – Special trees

Handling - Special trees

Every year we send Christmas trees to the most of Europe. The trees are cut as close as possible to the shipping date, then they are netted, packed on pallets, and loaded on the trucks.

We have the option to both packed on the traditional Christmas trees pallets or Euro Pallets. Trees over 2,75 meter will be netted but loaded loose.

We have great success with sending these trees on “Walking floor” trucks. Contact us to learn more about the different options we can offer.




The different types of Christmas trees

Laciocarpa (Abies Lasiocarpa):
These trees origin from the mountains in Yukon, British Columbia. They have a beautiful bluish, almost silvery color. They also enjoy a long tenability.

Fraseris/Frazer Fir (Abies Fraseri):
In Eastern USA, we find this tree, which has a natural slim shape. Needles are deep dark green with a faint scent of turpentine. The tenacity is good.

Digging of pot trees

Every year we dig up large quantities of trees and ship them in pots. In contrast to pot-grown trees, our trees are produced like ‘regular’ christmas trees and the trees are not dug up with our custom made machine until the relevant sale season.

This method ensures a stronger, more natural tree, as the Christmas tree throughout its lifetime has the required space, water and sustenance.

We do not dig up Nordmann trees, as the taproot prevents the trees from standing properly and straight in the pot. Every other tree sort we have good experience with.

Packing and delivery of pot trees

The potted trees can be packed on both pallets and CC-containers. For delivery outside of Denmark we recommend regular pallets. The weight is always deciding how many trees fit on one pallet.

There are several ways to secure the durability of the roots. If the trees are placed in pots, the pots can be wrapped in different colors of plastic bags. They enclose the soil and moisture. It is also a possibility to get the trees ‘bare-root’ - without pot and soil, but with the roots wrapped in a plastic bag.

Lastly it is also possible to have the trees delivered with soil surrounding the root - without the pot - and wrapped in natural net to keep the soil in place.