Pot trees

Pot trees for christmas tree

Madsen Trees has through the last 10 years with great success delivered potted trees, which we dig up our selves. Our experience is that customers all over Europe increasingly demands this product, due to the global focus on sustainability.

Potted trees is a product of quality and as a company, Madsen Trees focuses on the quality throughout the entire harvesting process. Thus we are very careful with the digging up and palletizing of the trees.

The best results are achieved by digging up trees from 60-125 cm, and we use the technique in both spruce, omorika, laciocarpa and fraser.
In the video below you can see the special pot trees being digged up.

Trees with a ball of roots
Over the years, we have tried to find the optimum solution how to work with Christmas trees with a ball of roots. The demand of the customers was always there, and it is hard to neglect such a challenge. The Benelux countries in particular have a tradition of taking the Christmas tree into the house in early December. The validity is of course longer, when the Christmas tree comes with a ball of roots.

From idea to action
At first we dug the Christmas trees with a spade!! OK, if you only deliver a few trees. Next year, we fitted a spade from a Dutch firm on to our Backhoe loaders. This was an excellent solution if you had to harvest the whole of the or field. But you could not select the trees individually. The following year, we fitted caterpillar treads on the tractor – better but still not the very best.

Backhoe loaders

Father, son, and the local blacksmith sat down, pondering and sketching, all through the wintertime. There appeared to be many obstacles, but one of the major ones was that the machine should be capable of handling trees to a height above two meters. The result became a digging unit on the front of a gantry tractor. It now became possible to select individual trees, but also to clear the entire field in one operation.

The clever people also gave thoughts to the handling of these trees. The result was a netting machine, especially well-equipped to trees with a ball of roots. It appeared, already on the first day, to be a good investment. The machine is capable of handling a large amount of trees per day. On top of that, it also makes an exceptionally marvelous piece of work.

Trees in pots or wrapped in nets?
Our foreign customers were/are very interested, and the demand for Christmas trees with a ball of roots is growing steadily. Soon it appeared that the biggest trees did not necessarily have to be shipped off in a pot but might as well be wrapped in a net and subsequently put into plastic bags. This is no problem, because the machine is capable to dig up the ball of roots, so that the shape of a pot is retained. Our new netting machine handles these trees without any problems. Therefore, we now offer Christmas trees in pots as well as wrapped in nets.

We pack all our Christmas trees on pallets. Each pallet holds fewer trees in pots or nets, primarily caused by the increased weight. We see that the earth around the roots stays nicely in the pot or net, because we put them in a tight plastic bag.

New markets
We succeeded in getting through to new markets outside the Benelux countries. Customers in England, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden bought our Christmas trees in pots with a great extent.