Easy roller to leader control

In 2001 Lars developed the Easy Roller as an alternative to leader control in Nordmann Fir by the use of spraying.

Eventually the whole story began one evening with a grill party on the porch. For a long period of time Lars had been annoyed by the fact that he had to spray the leaders of the Nordmann Fir with the subsequent bad consequences on the environment. Holding the grill tongs gave him the inspiration to apply the chemical on to the leader without the use of a syringe.

The first prototype with paint rolls was soon elaborated, and different tests were initiated. The result was very positive. Not only did we avoid the inconvenience of spraying, but we also reduced the amount of chemicals and improved the speed of the process.
What began on the porch one summer’s evening has taken Lars around the world. Several visits to the USA as well as many visits to countries around Europe. In Oregon State University, they have tested the effect of the machine. Easy Roller has been under constant development with the aim of achieving the optimum effect. Lately, we have made the machine easier to carry as well as made it possible to use two different colours for markers.

We emphasize the simplicity and durability of the machine. This means for example that it is possible to renew parts of the Easy Roller at the beginning of each season.

You may buy Easy Roller through www.hd2412.co.uk.

But please contact us for further information about Easy Roller and the process of leader control.